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     Overview of FGAE

    The Family Guidance Association of Ethiopia (FGAE), a volunteer-based Association established in 1966, has been working with solid commitment to contribute to the national effort to fulfill these entitlements. Indeed, FGAE pioneered Family Planning (FP) services and tested different innovative approaches (including youth-friendly, community and workplace-based) to meet the growing demand for modern FP and other SRH services targeting under-served and marginalized segments of the population. FGAE, now registered as an Ethiopian Residents Charity Organization (under certificate number 0475), is also an accredited member of the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF). Furthermore, FGAE is locally a member of the Consortium of Christian Relief and Development Associations (CCRDA); Consortium of Reproductive Health Associations (CORHA) and the Consortium of Population, Health and Environment (COPHE).

    Over the last five decades, FGAE's services have expanded from a single-room clinic run by one nurse to a network of 55 integrated SRH service delivery facilities including one GynObs Specialty Clinic, eight higher, 13 Medium and eight Confidential (Sex-workers Friendly) SRH Clinics; 25 youth centers, more than 200 outreach sites and 186 franchised clinics operating in almost all regions of the country coordinated and managed by eight Area Offices throughout the country. The Association has 648 employees and more than 8,000 program and policy volunteers. The SRH context is fast changing amidst the volatile socio-economic dynamics in the world today. Key issues include access to services, gender inequality and service quality, among others.  As the current Strategic Plan of the Association is coming to an end in December 2015, FGAE engaged a consultancy firm to facilitate the development of its seventh Strategic Plan for the period 2016-2020 through a fully participatory process.  The initiation of the new SP was informed by the findings from the mid-term review (MTR) of the 2013-2015 SP; existing and unfolding global and in-country developments in Sexual and Reproductive Health and rights.

     Historical Development

    The Family Guidance Association of Ethiopia is an indigenous, not-for profit, volunteer based organization with over 50 years of experience in providing dedicated, quality, and a broad range of Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) services in Ethiopia, complementing the governmental efforts.

    The Association was established in 1966 by a few dedicated volunteers from health and social work backgrounds. Family Planning (FP) was hardly known in Ethiopia during the establishment, although there were growing incidence of morbidity and mortality of mothers, thus, the need for family planning was essential.

    FGAE is an affiliate member of International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) since 1971.

    The sole objective was to promote public awareness and understanding towards responsible sexual life, reproductive processes, family planning and the effects of population growth on socio-economic development through diverse educational programs, considering the high occurrence of maternal morbidity and mortality.

    The first few years of the Association's life faced difficulties. Conservative thoughts and opposition towards Population Control and Family Planning were high among government authorities, religious leaders and the community at large. This needed wise and careful introduction of family planning program.

    This lead to the establishment of FP information dissemination services in Addis Ababa, with a small publicity as there was fear that the attempt to introduce service provision at large scale may invite opposition. Keeping its stand, FGAE made it clear that this wasn’t a program of population control, rather a preventive health measure to be served on need basis, assured the then existing Government, that Family Planning would be done without any expense to the Government and without any Public Statement of Policy as well.

    The whole endeavor could have been discontinued if the Ethiopian public found this unacceptable. The Minister of Health, the Prime Minister and His Majesty, the Emperor had to be convinced on the needs and conditions.

    The Turning Points

    The turning points in the Association's activities came into being by 1975, when FGAE was officially registered with the then Ministry of Interior, Public Security Department as a non – Governmental, non-profit voluntary organization.

    As Professor Andargatchew Tesfaye, one of the founders of the Association wrote, “The Association from its very inception recognized that it couldn't meet alone, the family planning needs of the Ethiopian population. Therefore, its major intention was not only to introduce and expand the values of family planning services for family welfare and development, but involve as many government and non-government agencies as possible.”

    Since 1970s, FGAE started to expand and opened up regional coordinating offices, whereby 1972 in Asmara, 1975 in Dessie, 1977 in Hawassa, 1978 in Addis Ababa, 1984 in Harar, 1985 in Jimma, 1988 in Bahir Dar, 1993 in Adama, 2004 in Mekele and today, the expansion has reached the figure of 20 SRH Clinics, 27 Youth SRH Centers, 5 Confidential STI-MARPs outreach clinics, and is working with 47 CSOs in 86 woredas across various projects.

     Vision, Mission and Core Value

    Vision Statement

    • All people in Ethiopia enjoy Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

    Mission Statement

    • To deliver comprehensive, integrated, quality and gender-sensitive SRH programs and services focusing on youth, underserved & vulnerable population

    Core Values

    Integrity: maintaining strong ethical base and high professionalism while being accountable and transparent

    Innovation: to provide user friendly, context specific and community based sexual and reproductive health services through new ways of thinking and practices

    Excellence: to deliver exceptional sexual and reproductive health services through modern technologies, effective processes and outstanding professionals to satisfy our clients’ interests

    Volunteerism: believing in the spirit of self-worth and sharing passions to bring changes in the lives of people and achieve organizational goals

    Respect Clients Rights: to bring the highest possible level of satisfaction concerning their choices, safety, privacy, comfort and dignity.

    Partnership: to synergy in delivering quality sexual reproductive health services to the community

     Strategic Directions

    1. Build Enabling Environment

    OUTCOME 1:  Enhancing an enabling environment for sexual and reproductive health in Ethiopia

    FGAE will play active role in creating conducive environment for sexual and reproductive health by stimulating authorities to bolster their commitment to sexual and reproductive health policies and strategies and to engaging people and community leaders to take part in improving sexual and reproductive health settings


    STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE 1.1: Leverage commitment on SRH policies, strategies and their implementation

    STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE 1.2: Engage young people and women leaders in strengthening enabling environment for change


     2. Empower people to make informed choices


    FGAE will work to empower and raise sexual and reproductive health related awareness of young people women and men to enable them to make informed choices for their sexual and reproductive health needs. It will expand comprehensive sexual education and facilitate the involvement of champions and opinion leaders and the media to promote knowledge based sexual and reproductive health related decisions by the people.


    STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE 2.1: 500,000 young people completed comprehensive sexuality    education and realized their sexual health

    STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE 2.2: Promote SRH and choice among 5 million people through engaging champions, opinion leaders and media

    3. Provide SRH services


    In response to the growing need of sexual and reproductive health services in the country, FGAE will provide quality integrated, genders sensitive and inclusive services through its own outlets and in partnership with other public and private health service providers.


    STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE 3.1፡ 14 million integrated SRH services delivered through FGAE   outlets.

    STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE 3.2:  Enable public and private facilities to deliver 10 million integrated SRH services


    4. Ensure Sustainability


    Financial sustainability has become something of a buzzword in NGO sector of due to fund dwindling and competition for available funds. FGAE will lay strong foundations to become self-reliant and financially stable Association by establishing corporate social enterprise and diversify and strengthening sources of income, especially those generated from internal sources.


    STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE 4.1: Generate 30% of the annual budget of the Association from corporate social enterprise by 2020

    STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE 4.2: Increased donor funding (from international and local donors) and cost recovery of the Association


    5. Maintain Credibility


    Good is no longer good enough and to excel is to survive in today’s competent environment. In order to remain vibrant and visible in the sexual and reproductive health sector, organizations like FGAE are required to deliver sustained superior performance that meets and where possible exceeds tightening standards as well as clients’ and stakeholders’ expectations. FGAE will thus strengthen volunteerism, leadership and good governance; evidence-based decision making and learning as well as organizational visibility to show its relevance through a meaningful solution that has measurable impact.


    STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE 5.1: Strengthen volunteerism, leadership and good governance

    STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE 5.2:  Strengthen evidence-based decision making and organizational learning

    STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE 5.3: Promote organizational visibility as credible and viable Association

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